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  • It is expected to the parents to make sure that their work finished his/her morning duties ie going to toilet, take bath before coming to the school. (especially pre-primary).
  • Daily Diary valuation cards, medical cards should be signed by the parents and should be sent back the very next day.
  • The role of mother in building up child's carrier and personality is of great value.
  • It is expected from mother to check the bag every day and be particular that the child come to the school with the prescribed text book and note-book. Any unauthorized books, pictures belongings (odd items) should be not brought.
  • The teachers shall not accept the responsibility of pencil and eraser, textbook, notebooks or more. The child should be careful with his/her belongings.
  • On no account, the child should not be allowed to handle money.
  • For any kind of Instruction to parents a written notice will be mentioned in the Daily Diary. Any verbal saying of the student will not be accepted.
  • Parents are adjusted to always address their chils by official name rather than by their nick name in order to avoid any confusion.
  • Parents are requested not to visit the students in class hours if in case needed the Principal Permission should be received.
  • Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness in dress are expected.
  • Gate pass will be issued once the students come to school. However, only in case of emergency if a students need to leave school early a written request from parents/guardian is mandatory.
  • Parents are requested that their child should be in discipline in the school premises. The staff prepares not only for qualifying the exams but also for a life other than academic part. Lot of importance is given to the habit, manners, discipline, punctuality as such it is expected from the parents to cooperate to the fullest with the staff.
  • The teacher will discuss the matter pertaining to child's welfare/progress only with parents and not with other relatives.
  • It is expected from the parents that they should report to the office whenever they are called for only problems relating to the child.